The classic long lens work of a wildlife cameraman requires a lot of patience in order to hide for extended periods of time to get that perfect shot. I practiced for many different production companies all over the world in the last few years, and doing so has given me a great level of expertise that I apply every day in my work.
A different style of filming that I love to do is adventure documentaries, which requires handheld camerawork. Here I learned to capture fast action scenes in harsh conditions safely. Another activity I enjoy is building up film sets in a studio and the handicraft work that comes with it.


Time-lapse photography has reached an incredibly high level of quality which makes it harder and harder to produce new images. I was always interested in the possibility of altering time in a virtual way. Via High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) imaging, dolly systems and hyper-lapse technology, I try to push this art of filming further.


I have experience in flying the Dji Phantom 2 as an operator.